"Platinum Logistic" is the company that has been working successfully in the sphere of international cargo carriage since 2009. For this period, the company has managed to organize a stable and uninterrupted process of cargo carriage from People's Republic of China and set up a wide customer base in Russia. If customers begin to work with us, they stay devoted to our company. 

Why do the clients choose "Platinum Logistic"?
Charging the carriage with our company a customer gets cargo in the 
shortest possible time and in favourable price. During the delivery, our company organizes all stages of external economic process, performing door-to-door delivery in any region of Russia.

Entrusting the work with professionals, you save the time and minimize the risks concerned with the customs processing. It is important to remember that unprofessional work in the sphere of customs clearance can cause administrative or criminal responsibility as well as excessive costs. That is why "Platinum Logistiс" will be your reliable partner in the sphere of cargo carriage.

The advantages of working with "Platinum Logistic":

  • a client's participation is minimized, the whole process is performed by our specialists (the conclusion of a treaty, the payment of cargo and the customs processing is made on behalf of our company;
  • a client gets a product, which is ready to realization in Russia, and the full package of transportation documentation confirming the legality of its origin in the shortest time;
  • we provide a client with the legal entity for external economic dealings, which lets to avoid the long process of registration in custom authorities as the participant in foreign-economic activity;
  • our specialists prepare all the documents long before the cargo and its accompanying papers are produced to the custom, that is why the process of customs clearance is completed in the shortest period of time;
  • we elaborate the optimal transport and logistic scheme, performing the carriage from People's Republic of China by water and rail transport;
  • the control and photo/videofixation of loading-unloading operations allows to get reliable information about the safety of goods;
  • our work with the requirements of exchange control allows you to avoid opening foreign currency accounts, keeping accounts of exchange operations in banks etc.;
  • our clients can get the information about the location of a cargo in any time;
  • the unified database allows to keep all the information about cargo and provide a client with it immediately, when it is necessary;
  • we guarantee the quality of our service;

"Platinum Logistic" is a quick delivery of high service at a minimal cost.

If you write to us right now, we will advise you on the questions of customs legislation, foreign-economic activity and besides, calculate the price and time of delivery to your city free of charge.